South African man asks for change in bail conditions so he can have loud sex with his ‘screamer’ girlfriend

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A man ordered to live at his uncle’s as part of a bail agreement is pleading with a South African court to allow him to move because his girlfriend likes loud sex, it was reported Tuesday.

A lawyer for Gareth de Nysschen, who is charged with stealing and selling army ammunition, told prosecutors his girlfriend was “a screamer,” according to court documents quoted by South Africa’s The Star.

In an application to move out of his uncle’s house, de Nysschen claims he cannot have a “normal sexual relationship” with his girlfriend “due to lack of privacy.”
He had previously been ordered by the court to stay at his uncle’s pending his trial.

In response to his request, the investigating officer asked his lawyer why De Nysschen could not have sex “at his current address”.

“He said she was a screamer and the applicant wanted some privacy,” she said in an affidavit.

The lawyer denies having said this, and has accused the prosecution of lying.
Judgment is expected next week.

Sex was discussed before satanic ritual

Sex was discussed before satanic ritual

Johannesburg – There was talk of having sex with Kirsty Theologo and her friend before they were set alight in an apparent satanic ritual, the South Gauteng High Court heard on Thursday.

“Lester [Moody] said we must sleep with the girls, not rape them,” Linden Wagner, the alleged mastermind of the ritual, told the court, which is sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

He said he did not agree with the suggestion.

Earlier, Wagner told the court that he and four of the other accused had been prepared to sell their souls on the day Theologo and her friend were doused with petrol and set alight in an alleged satanic ritual on a hill in Linmeyer, Johannesburg, in October 2011.

Kirsty Theologo (Picture: Sapa)

Theologo died of her burns a week later, but her 14-year-old friend survived the attack.

Wagner told the court Moody gave them alcohol laced with brake fluid. Theologo said she could not drink it because it tasted bad.

Knew what he was doing

Wagner testified that he knew exactly what he was doing when he attacked them.

“From the way I recall it, I knew what I was doing…. I knew where everything was [for the ritual].”

He said he had no feeling, thoughts or emotion during the attack. He had been under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

Wagner testified on Thursday that he remembered strangling Theologo’s friend.

He placed his arms around her neck and held her until she was unconscious. He then tied her hands with a scarf.

“I don’t remember having a conversation with anyone, or even seeing what I was doing until I saw them [the other people involved in the ritual] around Kirsty,” he said.

“I then picked up a rock and walked up to her and dropped it on her head.

“It bounced and I lifted it up and hit her two times,” he said.

He and the others cut their hands and let drops of their blood fall into a fire they had started. A Bible was also placed in the flames.

“Kirsty had regained consciousness and was standing. I splashed her with petrol. I then looked for a light.

“I heard Kirsty say she thought we were friends,” said Wagner.

It was then that he set her alight. She was engulfed in flames, he said.

Theologo’s mother Sylvia broke down in court and proceedings were adjourned.

Dressed in black

Earlier, Wagner told the court that he packed a Bible, a knife, and candles for the ritual.

“We dressed in black to prepare for the ceremony,” he said.

Theologo did not know of their plans, and thought they were heading to the hill to drink alcohol.

Wagner had suggested that they hold the ritual at the hill.

“I suggested the mountain because I had been there before…. We couldn’t have done it at the [my] flat because we needed an open area. We thought of going to the park, but we saw it was too open,” Wagner said.

They smoked dagga on their way to the hill and came across a police van. The group ran away from the police.

Wagner said Theologo asked along the way why everyone was dressed in black.

“She said she too wanted to be dressed in black. Someone gave her a black jacket to put over her pink top,” he said.

Wagner, Harvey Isha, Robin Harwood, and Courtney Daniels are on trial for murdering Theologo, attempting to murder of her friend, and for assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm. All have pleaded not guilty.

Two other accused, Jeremy King and Lester Moody, confessed to the crime and were each sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment, five of which were suspended.

The trial continues.



Alleged sex pest teacher ‘was great’


sex addictJohannesburg – Pupils at Hyde Park High School described an alleged sex pest teacher as great.

The teacher, accused of sending naked pictures of himself to a pupil, appeared in court on Monday and is now out on bail. He will appear in court again in November.

A matric pupil at the school told The Star the man was a great teacher who was always cracking jokes.

On 30 July the teacher engaged in a late night WhatsApp chat with the boy’s mother, thinking it was the teenager. The teacher allegedly sent numerous sexual images and made sexual suggestions.

The boy’s mother told Eyewitness News that in these cases, it’s important for children to remember that they are victims. She also warned parents to act quickly and go to the police.

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Johannesburg – “I want you to f*** your wife.”

And when that did not happen, he forced open *Emma’s legs and placed the knife in his hand on her private parts and threatened: “I’ll f*** you with this.”


Multiple robbery accused Zimbabwean Shepherd Moyo had ordered Emma and her boyfriend *Bill to undress and have sex in front of him as he wielded a knife in their Lonehill home, saying he would teach them a lesson if they didn’t comply.


The couple pleaded with him and told him they were not able to have sex under such pressure. Emma started to cry.


But that didn’t deter their attacker. He forced Emma to give oral sex to Bill. He then made the couple sit on the side of the bed, still naked, and tied their hands together with a cord.


He took a flat iron and hit Emma so hard over the head that it broke. He also took one of her tap shoes and hit her with it too.


This was heard in the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court in Alberton on Thursday when the couple described what had happened to them on April 17, 2011.


They had arrived home around 11.30pm and saw an intruder. Bill had gone into the house before Emma and came running out, allegedly being chased by the man.


The intruder ordered them to get back into the house, or else he would call his friends to come and join him. He ordered them to lie down and give him their cellphones and money.


“He told us to go through the house and show him where the valuables were,” said Emma.


The couple took him to a spare room where they kept most of their electronic items. The intruder had already taken one of Emma’s backpacks and put it over his shoulder.


“We thought that if we gave him what he wanted, he would take them and leave,” said Bill.


But the intruder took the couple to their bedroom, where he tried to force them to have sex.


“I don’t know what made him stop and put down the knife,” said Emma.


Then the intruder is alleged to have told the couple he needed some clothes, and went to Bill’s wardrobe to look through his belongings.


“He asked me what the size of my pants was. I said size 38 and he said they were too big for him,” said Bill.


He allegedly then told them he was thirsty and wanted something to drink. He fetched some water from the fridge and returned with it to the bedroom.


When he decided to leave, he told them to keep quiet or he would come back. He left the knife next to the side table and spat in the passage, opened the front door and left.


Bill said that when he first saw the intruder in their home, the man said to him: “Oh, I’ve made a big mistake.”


He also said the intruder was calm for most of the hour-long ordeal, but turned angry especially towards Emma when they went to the main bedroom.


Also testifying was Carl Edenburg, who described his run-in with Moyo on July 14, 2011.


His was a calmer robbery. Moyo had allegedly entered his Paulshof home around 4am while his three children were sleeping upstairs.


They continued to have a conversation while Moyo took his possessions. Edenburg said he told Moyo he could take anything he wanted as long as he did not go upstairs to his children.


When Moyo was done, he took Edenburg from his bedroom and locked him in the bathroom, telling him he would leave the key by the television. As soon as he left, Edenburg shouted for his children to come and open the door. His ordeal lasted 40 minutes.


All the witnesses claimed Moyo had spoken to them in “clear” and “perfect” English. However, his lawyer, Mpho Milubi, argued that Moyo spoke only Zimbabwean Ndebele.


In both instances, Moyo is alleged to have taken a backpack from the homes and drank some water before he left. He gained entry into his victims’ properties using a screwdriver.


When his defence argued that Moyo denied being at either residence on those days, Edenburg looked at Moyo and said “maybe you’ve got an identical twin brother”.


Moyo is facing 17 counts of robbery, three rapes and one count of possession of a firearm and ammunition.


The trial continues. iol

Zimbabwean Girls start having sex at 12: Survey

young sex


An alarming number of girls in Zimbabwe, some as young as 12 years old, are already involved in sex encounters, resulting in high incidences of adolescent pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), investigations by The Standard last week revealed.


Interviews with the teenagers, teachers and health specialists established that a lot of girls were indulging in sexual activities at a tender age, but most parents were reluctant to admit it because the subject was sensitive and emotive.

This, health workers said, has resulted in an upsurge of cases of adolescent pregnancies and STIs infections, as most of the teenagers lack knowledge on sexual reproductive health (SRH) issues.

They said an absence of youth friendly public health facilities has also become a barrier to the full implementation of SRH services.

public health facilities has also become a barrier to the full implementation of SRH services.

The Standard established that some schoolchildren were falling prey to kombi drivers, touts and older men who shower them with gifts in return for unprotected sex. Some teenagers offer their bodies to kombi drivers so that they can get free rides to school.

“They [female students] always come to us because they want free rides,” said Tinashe, a kombi conductor, who plies the City-Warren Park route. “Of course, they will have to pay for it in kind. The problem is if I don’t do it with her, she will do it with somebody else, so I have to do it.”

Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SayWhat) programmes manager, Darlington Muyambwa said most youth had no access to information on sexual reproductive health.

“Some do not have the information about sexual reproductive health at all, and so how can one even seek for a service they do not know about?” he said.

Muyambwa also said the role of the family was key in addressing child pregnancies and early sexual activity among youths.

“Within the normal family set up, sex issues are not for discussion and so young people become uncomfortable talking about them and instead seek other sources like television and the internet,” he said.

According to the 2010/11 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey, a quarter of girls aged between 15 and 19 have already began child bearing.

At least 92% of all sexually active girls within the same age group are in a form of union or marriage, it says.

But other health experts say the figure of one quarter could be too conservative.

Although official statistics on HIV and Aids and STIs among youths were not readily available, some health experts said prevalence “was very high and worrying”.

Sexual and reproductive health specialist, Caroline Maposhere said children, some as young as 12 years did, were beginning to experiment with sex because they watch pornography on television, smart- phones and computers.

She also attributed early sexual activity to moral decadence of parents who are sometimes splashed in local newspapers for cheating on their spouses, as well as watching programmes such as Generations and Muvhango, which are full of sexual innuendos.

Maposhere said children were also driven into sexual activity by poverty and peer pressure.

“The solution is giving them correct information about what will be happening in their bodies and not giving them contraceptives,” Maposhere said.

United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) adolescent, sexual and reproductive health specialist, Tamisayi Chinhengo said lack of medically accurate information on puberty, leaves young people dependent on uninformed peer sources or unguided internet searches for information.

UNFPA advocates for delayed sexual debut for teenagers and also the right set of information, skills and services.

“Some cultural or religious norms such as child marriage, also contribute to teenage pregnancy. Other social issues are intergenerational sexual relationships, sexual coercion and transactional sex,” she said. “Girls living in the rural areas are twice as much affected by teenage pregnancies (144/1 000 girls) compared to 70/1 000 urban girls.”

A senior official with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, who requested anonymity, said youth programmes would be easy to implement if young people are allowed to run their own affairs.

“In our culture these issues are not discussed openly,” said the official. “Parents are not talking to their children about these issues, due to lack of appropriate information or they leave it to the teachers at school to handle.”

Most primary schools in the country have sexual reproductive health lessons.

A teacher at Hallingbury Primary School in Harare said lessons on sex should be introduced early, as most girls were maturing faster than before.


MOST young people told The Standard that the set-up at most public health institutions was not youth friendly.

A student at one of the city’s private colleges, who identified herself only as Ruvimbo, said it was no easy feat to walk into an institution full of people, mostly adults, and ask for sexual reproductive health information.

“The staff just look at you with this look that makes you want to run out of that place,” she said. ”We want younger people who we can relate to in those centres.”