SA Cops held for stealing alcohol worth R2m

Thieving Cops Caught

Thieving Cops Caught

Johannesburg – Two policemen were arrested in Elsburg, Germiston, on Wednesday for hijacking a truck and stealing alcoholic beverages worth R2m, the Hawks said.

Police spokesperson Paul Ramaloko said a warrant officer and a constable stopped a truck on the N3 highway on 1 November.

The driver and his crew were detained at a police station while the policemen drove the truck to an undisclosed place and offloaded the liquor.

They released the driver and his crew without formally charging them.

“They have been charged with truck hijacking. There is a possibility that a charge of theft can be added,” Ramaloko said

He said liquor worth R100 000 had been recovered.

The policemen were expected to appear in the Germiston Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Taxi crashes off Johannesburg bridge

Johannesburg – A minibus taxi crashed over the St Andrews bridge, landing nose first on the M1 north in Johannesburg on Wednesday evening, paramedics said.


“According to bystanders on the scene, drivers had to perform evasive manoeuvres to avoid crashing into the taxi,” said ER24 spokesperson Werner Vermaak.

“It is understood that the taxi was travelling on St Andrews road towards Johannesburg CBD when it apparently lost control on the wet road and crashed through the solid barrier of the bridge.”

There were no passengers in the taxi at the time of the crash, he said.

“A man believed to be the driver was found lying in the yellow lane of the motorway.”

He was treated for possible spinal injuries

Bystanders told paramedics he climbed out of the taxi moments after it came to a standstill, said Vermaak.

“It is a miracle that the taxi did not land on vehicles travelling under the bridge or that any other vehicles crashed into it,” Vermaak said.

“Several lanes of the motorway had to be closed while the debris was removed.”

Johannesburg metro police were on the scene on Wednesday.

Fake Mandela movie DVDs hit the streets

mandela-freedomEight days before the release of the much anticipated Mandela movie, Long Walk to Freedom, fake DVD copies are already being sold on the streets.

An SABC News investigation uncovered how quick and easy it is to get a copy for just R25. A street vendor was more than happy to sell an enticingly presented copy to the SABC.

Immediately after the transaction, the SABC alerted police leading to the arrest of two people on charges of possession and trading  in counterfeit goods. However when the SABC viewed the DVD  it was something else, instead of the real movie, a narration of Madiba’s life told by among others, Mandela himself, Mac Maharaj and Tokyo Sexwale began playing.

The sale of fake DVDs is rampant robbing the film and music industry of its livelihood. It is estimated that South Africa loses approximately R1 billion per year to counterfeit goods.

death as south african mall colapses

Rescue efforts in South Africa have been suspended at the site a collapsed half-built mall, police say.

Police spokesperson Thulani Zwane told the BBC that the search for survivors would resume after some of the concrete blocks were cleared.

One person has died and there are fears that some construction workers, possibly 40, are trapped in the rubble at the site in Tongaat town.

About 30 people have been rescued, some with traumatic injuries, medics say.

Capt Zwane said 11 of those taken to hospitals in the area are critically injured.

The police had also opened a case of culpable homicide following the death of one women in the collapse, he said.


The deputy mayor of the municipality told South African media that authorities had obtained an injunction a month ago to halt construction at the site in Tongaat, which is a small town about 40km (25 miles) north of Durban.

“There are areas of the law that they [construction firms] did not follow in terms of building,” Nomvuzo Shabalala told broadcaster ENCA.

“We were not aware that they were continuing building,” she added.

On Wednesday morning, engineers from the department of labour arrived and are now using heavy machinery to remove concrete blocks.

Medics say the collapsed roof is about the size of a rugby field.

The department of labour, which is now leading the operation, says work will continue throughout the night and it is hoped all the rubble and debris will have been removed by Thursday morning.

Overnight on Tuesday six different rescue teams alternated shifts, working in the dark and using sniffer dogs and fibre-optic cameras to try to find survivors.


Emergency workers are seen during their search for survivors after a building collapsed in Tongaat Paramedics at the scene said some of the workers had suffered “massive injuries”
Site of the collapse in Tongaat at night- tweeted by @CrisisMedDbn Those trapped are believed to be construction workers
Site of the collapse in Tongaat - tweeted by @CrisisMedDbn Workers are trapped amid scaffolding and rubble

Neil Powell, a member of the rescue team, said eyewitnesses had given their account of how the accident happened at the construction site, which is in the town’s centre, near a railway.

“They’re saying that apparently scaffolding underneath the concrete slabs fell and collapsed, which caused the concrete slabs to fall and trap the workers,” Mr Powell of Crisis Medical, an emergency service provider in Durban, told the BBC’s Newsday programme.

Fiona Moonean, who lives across from the building site, was washing dishes when she heard a “thunderous noise” coming from outside.

“There was this sound, it was too huge, that I picked my head up – at that point I just saw the whole slab – that just came down and all you could hear was the guys screaming,” she told the AFP news agency.

Madiba unable to talk – report


Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Johannesburg – Former president Nelson Mandela is no longer able to speak and instead uses facial gestures to communicate.

According to his former wife, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, this is because of the tubes in his mouth that are used to keep fluid off his lungs, reported the Sunday Independent.

The 95-year-old statesman is being cared for at his Houghton house in Johannesburg and his bedroom has been transformed into an intensive care facility. He receives 24-hour care from 22 doctors.

Madikizela-Mandela described Madiba’s condition as not critical but said he remained very susceptible to infection.

In June, Mandela took ill and spent almost three months in the Pretoria Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital. He was eventually discharged on 1 September and has since received medical treatment at home.

Notorious Bev Sibanda beats up Bulawayo woman for calling her a prostitute in public


beverly sibanda dancer

beverly sibanda dancer

THERE was drama at Waverley Hotel in Bulawayo when Beverly “Bev” Sibanda slapped an unidentified woman, accusing her of calling her a prostitute soon after her performance on Saturday.

Throughout her performance, Bev was on the receiving end of continued abusive name calling from Waverley prostitutes. They were accusing her of disturbing their business on the day as men were not willing to court them preferring Bev’s show instead. Soon after her show, Bev finally lost her cool and attacked a lady she had identified as one of her busers.

With the lady denying her claims, Bev could not contain her anger and unleashed unprintable abusive words towards her before slapping her.

“Bring her to my room, I want her to explain why she called me that. I am not a prostitute, but you are. That is why you are here, you are the prostitute not me,” Bev shouted.

She commanded the police to arrest the lady but they did not as there was no evidence to support Bev’s allegations.

“There are a lot of people here and it is wrong for her to accuse this lady. Anyone in this place could have shouted the obscene word,” explained one police officer on the scene.

With the police taking no action, Bev’s security team responded to her request and dragged the lady to their boss’ room. They stayed there for 30 minutes.

When the lady emerged from the room, she explained that Bev had tried to have her arrested but the police had refused. There was no one to support her claim.

During her performance, Bev also slapped a male fan that had gone on stage for a dance but had failed to perform to her expectations.

“Be flexible. If you were my man, I would end up bedding other men. Luckily I have Khama who is good at what he does, not you,”she said.

Earlier this month, Bev shocked all and sundry when she announced that she was dating married footballer Khama Billiat, a claim the Mamelodi Sundowns player has denied.

Bev rose to fame through some controversial dance routines but recently added music to her portfolio.

However, her voice leaves a lot to be desired as it still needs to be fine tuned.

Her singing almost dampened the show but she was rescued by Shiga Shiga who used his experience to steady the ship.

Give me SEX Daddy says 23 year old girl

young sex

MAVIS April of KwaNobuhle township caused a drama on Saturday night at a tavern when she demanded sex from her father.

The 23-year-old woman said: “I want to climb into bed with my father because he is out of order. Maybe if I sleep with him, he will come to his senses. If he can’t support me, then he must sleep with me because he has forgotten that I’m his daughter.”

Her father, Nzuzo Dayimani (62), said: “I like dating young girls because they satisfy my needs. But I never thought of sleeping with my own daughter.

“Then she asked me in front of the people in the tavern to sleep with her. I got angry and wanted to moer her. How can she asked me such a disgusting thing. This is my money and I will spend it the way I like to.”

Tavern owner Lindelwa Mankayi (59) confirmed the incident.

She said: “I had to close my tavern after she asked her father for sex. Her father’s boozing girls got into a cat fight with her.”

Mavi’s mum died in 2000.

Mr Ugly Zimbabwean to Wed on Friday

Zimbabwe’s ‘ugliest man’, William Masvinu, will appear in a mock wedding with his wife Alice Chabhanga at Harare’s City Sports Bar this Friday.

Mr Ugly is among the most popular personalities in Zimbabwe ever since he clinched the title for two years running.

DJ Nash, a spokesperson for City Sports Bar said they wanted to create a unique event and Mr Ugly’s wedding concept will definitely excite revellers.

“We want to do something out of the ordinary and this mock wedding has all the ingredients of a super event. In the afternoon Mr Ugly will move around the city centre in his convoy of cars, but his official vehicle will be a tractor. It is a fun filled gathering and in the evening we then converge at City Sports Bar for the wedding,” said DJ Nash.

DJ Nash said the wedding will be just like any other and will comprise bride and groom maids who will accompany Mr Ugly and his wife.

The “wedding” party is actually a celebration of Mr Ugly’s triumph at the last competition where Masvinu reclaimed the title which he won last year.

Meanwhile young Igwe, Peter Moyo returns to City Sports Bar on Saturday where he is set to cement his place among the top lively sungura acts.

DJ Nash said: “Young Igwe is an exciting music act and with a new album under his belt he is out to prove that he is among the best. Peter has always been a darling to our fans and we expect a good night come Saturday.”

Mr Ugly in Zimbabwe

Mr Ugly in Zimbabwe

NBA legend’s home to be sold at auction

Jordan sells home

CHICAGO: Basketball great Michael Jordan’s luxurious Chicago mansion will be sold at auction next week, his agent said Friday.
The sprawling estate in the upmarket suburb of Highland Park had previously been offered with a listing price of $29 million but failed to sell.
Dubbed Legend Point, the nine-bedroom home sits on 7.4 acres and features a regulation-size NBA-quality basketball court, a pool pavilion, a tennis court, a putting green and a guest house.
“I have so many amazing, happy memories of my life in the house over the years,” Jordan said in a statement. “It’s where my kids grew up. It’s where I lived during my championship years.”
But despite the business interests which still tie Jordan to Chicago, he said the house is too big now that his kids are grown.
Remodeled in 2011, the ‘family area’ features floor-to-ceiling windows, a built-in aquarium and a fireplace.