Uebert Angel Suing Supersport For $1.5 Million

So the news came out the other week that charismatic Zimbabwean chruch leader Uebert Angek Mudzanire will be suing Multichoice’s Supersport for $1.5 million.

This stems fro an article published on the site which claimed Angel had ‘prophesied’ that Liverpool Football Club would return to their former glory, something interpreted by many as the fact that they would win the premier league title.

Angel says the article was defamatory and could result in him losing followers. He said:

These reported words are completely fallacious and unbeknown to the plaintiff and will defame him when the alleged prediction does not come to pass.

The suit was filed before the High Court in Harare.

Do we have an opinion on this? Yes we do.  Will we give it?  Probably not. Yes, we are totally taking the Jose Mourinho route and saying we are not going to say anything. Not that we are saying Angel said what he is denying. Not at all. Just that we might get into trouble for a suggestion either way.

Of course if Supersport has been a bit naughty then, they should pay for it.

What happens if Liverpool win the title though?

With information from The Herald (Zimbabwe)

Former Miss Malawi and The Gentleman actress Faith Chibale has died.

Former Miss Malawi and The Gentleman actress Faith Chibale has died.

Munya Chidzonga with the late Faith Chibale  - Pic: MWNation

Munya Chidzonga with the late Faith Chibale – Pic: MWNation

She is said to have passed away after a bout of meningitis. According to Face of Malawi, Chibale passed away today afternoon at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital where she was admitted.

On The Gentleman, she played Sheila. The film won director Joe Njagu an award while Munya Chidzonga who played the lead received critical acclaim for his performance.

Njagu said via his Facebook:

Too sad Faith Chibale Miss Malawi..dead..noooooo man. Lost a good friend…will miss u forever Queen Malawi..R.I.P…

Chidzonga in speaking to 3-mob.com:

She was such a beacon of light for Malawi, an ambassador and she is a loss to the whole of Africa. She was very passionate of the African girl child and had such positive energy with many ideas. I am actually heartbroken right now. Mazino

Chibale was 24.

Harare Woman Throws Snake Out Of Moving Car [PICS]

A Harare woman is said to have thrown a python out of a moving car in the leafy Harare suburb of Borrowdale.

This snake that was thrown ou of a moving car -  MYZIMBABWE

This snake that was thrown out of a moving car – MYZIMBABWE


According to Power FM the woman who was a driving a Land Rover Discovery 4, stopped soon after that and said she had seen her dead husband.

The snake was in a sack. Officials from Wildlife Management department attended to the scene.

Bystandaers look at the snake thrown out of a moving vehicle in Borrowdale -  MYZIMBABWE

Bystandaers look at the snake thrown out of a moving vehicle in Borrowdale .

Use of snakes and the sort is common among people who believe in the dark arts to make money or gain power.

How bizarre.

Kenyan College Student Claims To Have Infected 324 Men With HIV (Pic)

A female student at Kabarak University in Nakuru, Kenya has claimed that she infected 324 men with HIV


The woman who is reportedly deliberately infecting men with HIV – Kenyan Daily Post

Not only that she plans to infect as many 2,000 men.

She said that this is after a man infected her with the virus. Now she is hell bent on making sure other men pay for her suffering.

The woman told the Kenyan Daily Post  that on 22 September 2013  she went out partying with some senior students and then after passing out drunk she woke up and realised someone called Javan had sex with her in her stupor. When she asked if he had used a condom he said he ha only to realise it wasn’t s after taking a shower and noticing sperm ‘down there’.

Scorned she decided to make all men pay and of the 324 infected 156 are students at the Kabarak University where she studies with rest the rest being married men, lecturers, lawyers, celebrities and politicians.

She says she has sex 4 times a day and she is sure she will not be stopped from her mission.

While the authenticity of the report is not fully verified at the moment it makes you wonder how many women in Africa and particularly Zimbabwe could be doing this. With reports that HIV infections are prevalent in Universities in Zimbabwe because of unexpected freedoms and poverty resulting in reckless sex, you wonder how many women are out there on a mission to infect someone.

Man Caught Red-Handed Having Sex With Son’s Wife

A man has been arrested along with his daughter-in-law for being intimate during their two-year long relationship.

Louis Ncube (54) and Betina Dube (26), from Zimbabwe, pleaded guilty to having sexual intercourse within a prohibited relationship when they appeared before the magistrate. Dube and Ncube were each sentenced to three months imprisonment, which were suspended on condition that they perform 105 hours of community service in Madlambuzi starting on 21 January.

Ncube had sexual intercourse with his daughter-in-law also from the same area at his son’s house. The pair revealed that they became intimate when Dube’s husband, who is employed in South Africa, started neglecting his family and stopped supporting his wife and two children. As a result Ncube, who is a widower offered financial assistance to his daughter-in-law and to his two grandchildren leading to the start of their relationship.

Dube’s husband, who took the matter to the village elders, caught them in the act. The matter was resolved and Ncube was ordered to pay a cow and a goat to his son. The matter came to light when Dube’s husband recently chased his wife away over the issue.

The State’s case is that the pair acting in common purpose had consensual sex several times on dates and times unknown, but during the period from 1 September 2010 to 31 June last year at Dube’s house.

Dube was chased away from her marital home over the matter. She proceeded to report the matter to the police, who arrested her, as they accused her of committing an offence. The father-in-law was later arrested.