Cheapest Sex is only $2 a round

Cheap sex for only $2 a round – Shocked as women sell themselves

$2 sex here everyday - Epworth Zimbabwe

$2 sex here everyday – Epworth Zimbabwe

One might fond themselves in the middle of Epworth town in Zimbabwe and wonder where they really are. This place is densely crowded and is home for most families in Zimbabwe.

Epworth has got to be the cheapest place to find sex in Zimbabwe. Prices are a mere $2 for a short-time service and reports are that of $15 for whole night of pleasure.

Most of the women doing these services, wait till after dark, then stand in close proximity to their place of residence and solicit for sex. ”  Pssssss psssssss …Huuya tisvi****” you can hear them say this as a male walks by. Most of these women can be found near “PaBooster” which is close to OverSpill shops.

These prostitutes do practice safe sex, in an attempt to reduce the spread of diseases and infection. They carry with them condoms. The pretty ones don’t stand around for long as those in the area or those that know why they are standing around waste no time in bedding them. Within seconds, she is off with John. After 10 mins she is back and along comes Peter, she is off again.

Other places in Zimbabwe, a short-time service will set u back $5 !! High end hookers may demand $20 to $50 for a few minutes of sexual pleasure!


15 Crazy Sex Facts about South African Women

15 Crazy Sex Facts about South African Women

Education doesn’t just stop after you’re finished going to school. The modern day woman needs to stay up to date with the latest information about sex and everything having to do with sex to make sure she stays safe — and in the know.

1 We automatically perceive people who smell good as more attractive.
2. People who are into kinkier sex may be psychologically healthier.

Endorphins released during sexual activity create a euphoria similar to opioid drug use.

3. Some people experience the same feeling of arousal when thinking about food as when having sex. (I might be one of them.)
4. After ovulation, a female’s egg is fertile for 24 to 48 hours and a man’s sperm can live 48 hours in the female body. Do the math and be careful. There have been documented cases of live sperm discovered eight days after sex.
5.  Twelve percent of adults have had sex at work.
6.  You can’t say happiness without saying penis. (You’re welcome.)
7.  Around 30 percent of women have trouble reaching orgasm.
8. The Kama Sutra lists 30 types of kisses. Askew, when two heads are tilted in opposite directions. Kiss to ignite, kiss at the corners of the mouth that occurs in the middle of the night to kindle love. Bite classic, when taken between the teeth with a lot of skin. How many have you tried?
9. A study found that good sex triggers the region of the brain associated with falling in love.
10. According to a study, people who have sex once or twice a week have their immune systems boosted slightly.
11. There are some foods that boost your sex drive, one of them being black raspberries. This phytochemical-rich food enhances both libido and endurance. Oysters are high in zinc, which is vital for testosterone production and healthy sperm. Watermelon contains citrulline amino acid, good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase your sex drive.
12. The average vagina is three to four inches long but can expand by 200 percent when sexually aroused.
13. Sex is 10 times more effective than Valium.
14. Shaving your pubic area increases your chances of spreading an STI.
15. Yeah, they’re called STIs (sexually transmitted infections) now instead of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Bulawayo married man shows maid porn video, rapes her 4 times

WOW…Shocking news……….



A 42-YEAR-OLD sex-starved Bulawayo man allegedly took advantage of his wife’s absence, played his 17-year-old maid a pornographic video while holding her by the waist before raping her four times over three days.

Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube was told yesterday at the initial remand of  Innocent Sibanda of House Number 71667 Lobengula West who is being accused of rape. Sibanda who was not asked to plead was remanded in custody to April 14 for plea recording.

It is the State’s case that on March 15, around 10PM, and at his residence, Sibanda found his maid watching television alone in the sitting room.

He then played a pornographic video and forced the maid to watch it while holding her by the waist, telling her that he wanted them to later perform the sexual acts they were watching on the video.

The maid freed herself and went to Sibanda’s bedroom to collect her blankets since she slept in the sitting room. Sibanda allegedly followed her, locked the bedroom door, allegedly threw his maid on the bed, undressed and raped her once.

Sibanda then forced the maid to sleep in his bedroom where he slept holding her in his arms and on March 16, around 4AM, he woke her up and raped her again.

On March 17 at around 6:30AM when Sibanda’s children had gone to school, he increased the volume of the radio, went to the sitting room and dragged the maid from the blankets she was sleeping in and force-marched her into his bedroom where he allegedly raped her once.

Sibanda then detained the complainant in his blankets and again around 9AM raped her once more before releasing her. On March 22, the maid’s cousin noticed that she was behaving strangely.

On being questioned, she revealed to her cousin that her boss was raping her and on March 24, they went and made a report to the police leading to Sibanda’s arrest.

Tatenda Dakwa prosecuted.


According to Court Oscar Pistorius’ bullets designed for maximum damage

News on Oscar Pistorius Trial South Africa

The ammunition that killed Reeva Steenkamp was designed to fold out “like the petals of a flower” and inflict maximum damage to a victim.

This was according to today’s testimony by Dr Gert Saayman, a forensic pathologist, who conducted the autopsy on Steenkamp.

Throughout the testimony, Oscar Pistorius could be heard retching loudly in the dock, leaning forward with his hands covering the back of his head.

Saayman testified that the bullet shards he discovered in Steenkamp’s body was “ranger” ammunition, formerly known as “Black Talon” ammunition.

He said he was not a ballistics expert but that he was familiar with this type of ammunition as he had seen such injuries before.

Saayman testified that the bullet was designed to “mushroom” or open up like the petals of a flower, to transmit the maximum amount of kinetic energy (motion energy) to the victim.

Furthermore, the “petals” also have very sharp edges, designed to inflict even more damage.

Pathologists and surgeons have to be careful when working around this type of ammunition in wounds because it can easily cut them.

Saayman also testified that the bullets that hit Steenkamp in the thigh and arm, fracturing the bone, could both have been independently fatal.

He said the shot that hit her in the head, causing massive fracturing of the skull and the base of the skull, would have instantly rendered Steenkamp incapable of voluntary actions.

Saayman said death was more of a process than an event, but estimated Steenkamp could only have taken a couple of breaths after being hit in the head.

He said the bullet shards he recovered were consistent with the types of projectile that had passed through an intermediary object, such as a door, before hitting the victim.

He also found wounds that had been caused by splinters from the door.

Saayman found no bruises that would indicate that Steenkamp had been beaten before or after her death.

He said that there was about 200mg of partially digested food in her stomach.

Although he said it was not an exact science, Saayman estimated that she had eaten within two hours before her death.

Oscar Pistorius trial – South Africa

The Oscar Pistorius Trail – South Africa

Do you think Oscar Pistorius killed Reeva?

Here are some views of others…do share yours at the bottom..

“Reeva had already died while I was holding her, before the ambulance arrived so I knew there was nothing more I could do for her,” Pistorius tells the court in a tremulous voice. There are long pauses as he struggles for composure.
Pistorius says he sat in the pantry against the washing machine. He couldn’t look at Steenkamp around the corner because each time he got sick. He was told to go to the garage where the police photographer asked him to take his clothes off. He spent several hours there. A policeman subsequently told him he was under arrest. He was told to keep his head down as there was a lot of media.
Yesterday was the most wrenching moment of the trial yet as Pistorius described the moments leading up to the shooting of Steenkamp. Half sobbing, half speaking, he said he grabbed the pistol he kept under the bed after hearing the sound of a window sliding in the bathroom. He said he went to the bathroom, all the while screaming for Steenkamp to call the police.

He described how the couple retired to his bedroom after a quiet evening. He fell asleep but woke up and brought in two fans from his balcony, then heard a noise, he said. “That’s the moment everything changed,” he told the court. “I thought that there was a burglar that was gaining entry to my home.”

The session has begun. Pistorius describes entering the toilet and kneeling down over Steenkamp.