Rest in Peace (RIP) Cecil – Lion Killed in Zimbabwe

WHY DID The Hunter 4 Walter Palmer Get Bail???

The professional hunter who assisted Walter Palmer in killing Cecil the lion has been granted bail by a judge in Zimbabwe

Theo Bronkhorst, the Zimbabwean founder of Bushman Safari, was charged with conducting an illegal hunt, but was not asked to plead.

Magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa granted him $1000 bail (like only??) and ordered him to report to police in second city of Bulawayo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and to surrender his passport.

Namatirai Ngwasha, the prosecutor, did not oppose his bail.

Rip Cecil Lion

Lion Zimbabwe


Cecil, who was shot dead on July 1, was a protected lion from the Hwange national park and should therefore not have been killed.

McDonald’s matches Burger King’s black burger

McDonald’s strikes black!

McDonald’s Japan has launched its own black bun burger to compete with the one its fast food rival Burger King unveiled there last month.

The “Squid Ink Burger” from McDonald’s costs $3.40 and sports two patties between buns dyed black with squid ink. That’s the only part of it that’s black. Its sauce and spicy cheese are yellow. It’s also topped by fried onions.

McDonald's Squid Ink Burger

McDonald’s Japan
An image of the McDonald’s Squid Ink Burger for sale in Japan.

Meanwhile, besides black buns, Burger King’s “Kuro Burger” also has black cheese and black sauce. Both of those toppings are colored with bamboo charcoal. The sauce is also colored with squid ink.

The “Kuro,” which means “black,” comes in a $4.49 basic “Pearl” version and the $6.45 “Diamond” variety, featuring lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo.

Both chains have released the burgers as limited-time Halloween-themed offerings. Perhaps the only thing spookier than biting into a “burger of darkness” is missing out on the chance to do it.

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Woman hides drugs in her fake bums

A Massachusetts woman arrested when police found heroin and pills hidden underneath her padded underpants told police she wore the unusual garment because “I don’t have a butt,” police say.

Jill Roy, 33, and a passenger were both arrested during a traffic stop in Buzzards Bay last month when police say they found bags of pot and pills in Roy’s car.

Bourne police said that when they first pulled Roy over Sept. 16, they found a large bag of marijuana under the front passenger seat. Then, as they were escorting her to the cruiser, a makeup bag containing several straws and various pills, some of them crushed, fell from her pants, also.

At the police station, Roy admitted the pot was hers and said she had a medical marijuana card, though she didn’t have it with her.

Booking Photo

Roy was then searched again, and an officer found her underwear had a hard exterior.

“I don’t have a butt, so I wear these and another pair of underwear under it,” Roy explained, according to police.

Police told her to take off the hard outer layer of underpants, and they found a bag of heroin and several bags of painkillers inside the underwear she was wearing underneath.

Roy was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail. She was charged with a variety of felony and misdemeanor narcotics charges.

Roy has a very lengthy criminal record, according to the police report.

Roy’s passenger Jennifer Johnson, 32, was arrested on two active warrants — one for unarmed robbery and intimidating a witness/juror/police/court official, and another for no inspection sticker/registration not in possession/operating a motor vehicle with a suspended licence.

Johnson was ordered held on $5,000 bail.

Source -nbcnewyork

Luxury lodge shut down after land claim

Nelspruit – The Cybele Forest Lodge and Health Spa outside Nelspruit in Mpumalanga has been closed following the enforcement of a land claim.

The 120-hectare property on which Cybele is built was bought by the rural development and land reform department for R17m and handed over to the Manzimhlophe community on March 13, a Sapa correspondent reported.

The luxury lodge, established in 1979, closed at midday on Sunday.

Lodge director Rupert Jeffries said in a statement government’s “failure” to find a strategic partner to run the lodge together with the community would result in all 45 staff members losing their jobs.

“The government has completely failed in their objectives towards the well-being of the Manzimhlophe community, who will inherit the lodge with no furniture, equipment, staff or bookings,” Jeffries said.

“This is a very unhappy ending for a well-known South African brand that has been established around the world for 34 years.”

Department spokesperson Mtobeli Mxotwa said the ministry was helping the community enter into a partnership agreement with investors.

“There was an agreement that the community partner with the landowner and receive benefits, but this did not fly after the property was transferred to the claimants due to unacceptable demands put forward by the previous owner.”

He said a meeting had been arranged between the claimants and an investor who had shown “keen interest”.

“The department will never allow the economy of our country to collapse. As such it will persevere in its efforts to make this Mpumalanga tourism venture thrive once more and return to its international glory.”

Democratic Alliance provincial leader Anthony Benadie said in a statement beneficiaries of land claims needed to receive maximum benefits from restitution.

“Sadly, this is not the case, and once again an entire community’s hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow were dashed by a government unwilling or incapable of securing the necessary arrangements to ensure a prosperous future,” he claimed.

According to Land Claims Commission statistics, 77 334 land restitution claims had been settled in South Africa by March 2013, benefiting 368 090 households and 1 803 984 people.

In Mpumalanga some 2 848 claims, involving 490 964ha of land, had been settled.

In August, government agreed to pay R1bn for the 13 3000ha Mala Mala Game Reserve in Mpumalanga, the biggest land claim agreement in South African history.


The man of God, Lesego Daniel, called for more people to come and eat the flower. That is when Ofentse Motshabi from Kwa-mhlanga responded to the call of the Man of God. She said that the flowers did not taste like flowers to her, instead the stem tasted like biltong and the flower like marshmallows.

After eating, she confirmed that there were no negative effects. She explained this as the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and God at work. She then added that she enjoyed her meal.