Rest in Peace (RIP) Cecil – Lion Killed in Zimbabwe

WHY DID The Hunter 4 Walter Palmer Get Bail???

The professional hunter who assisted Walter Palmer in killing Cecil the lion has been granted bail by a judge in Zimbabwe

Theo Bronkhorst, the Zimbabwean founder of Bushman Safari, was charged with conducting an illegal hunt, but was not asked to plead.

Magistrate Lindiwe Maphosa granted him $1000 bail (like only??) and ordered him to report to police in second city of Bulawayo on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and to surrender his passport.

Namatirai Ngwasha, the prosecutor, did not oppose his bail.

Rip Cecil Lion

Lion Zimbabwe


Cecil, who was shot dead on July 1, was a protected lion from the Hwange national park and should therefore not have been killed.


The man of God, Lesego Daniel, called for more people to come and eat the flower. That is when Ofentse Motshabi from Kwa-mhlanga responded to the call of the Man of God. She said that the flowers did not taste like flowers to her, instead the stem tasted like biltong and the flower like marshmallows.

After eating, she confirmed that there were no negative effects. She explained this as the demonstration of the Holy Spirit and God at work. She then added that she enjoyed her meal.

Man arrested after catching wife having sex with a policeman

A local man claims he was arrested to keep him away while his wife had hot sex – with a policeman!

He said the first time he was arrested the cops claimed his wife accused him of assault. He said he was sent home in the early hours of the next morning without being charged.

The 33-year-old from Luthuli Village near Kwamhlanga, Mpumalanga said he and Zodwa Mabasa (27) were married in 2007.

Mandla said it was a happy marriage until his wife began acting strangely last year.

“When I returned from work I wouldn’t find her at home. She would return late at night. When she was in the house, she would argue and storm out,” he said.

One night in March, after she stormed out, Mandla followed her.

“I caught her and a cop in uniform having sex in a car parked in the street. I confronted my wife about her cheating, and it became a big fight. A few days later cops arrived and arrested me. They said I assaulted my wife. In May, cops arrested me again. I was again released without being charged. I returned home to find my wife had taken everything and left,” he said.

Zodwa denied cheating with a cop. She said she left as Mandla was abusive.

Brigadier Selvy Mohlala said Mandla should see the station commander and lay a complaint.

Women shocked as men with all shapes and sizes of manhoods strip and run naked

WOMEN were in shock and kids were talking about the size of the men’s ‘anacondas’.

It happened when cops allegedly ordered some men to strip and run naked through Sophiatown zone 3 in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni on Friday.

“The kids were saying one guy has a big thing and another one a small one. We couldn’t believe what was happening,” Lucia Moshoeshoe (55) said.

Angry Thobane Mtungwa (24) said he was with his friends when Rabie Ridge cops raided his place.

“They ordered us to lie down and we did what they wanted. They came looking for drugs but didn’t find anything. They told us to strip naked so they could see if we were hiding drugs in our bums. When they couldn’t find drugs they told us to lie on top of each other. One cop said that’s how we rape women,” Thobane said.

The police then allegedly told the men to run around completely naked.

Thobane and his five friends, Mduduzi Sithole (23), Tshepang Qwabe (21), Nkosana Mahlangu (29), Xolani Masekwana (24) and Lucky Khumalo (18), said the cops should have arrested them if they did something wrong.

Nkosana said: “The police humiliated us. People in the kasi no longer look at us in the same way. We tried to open a case of harassment but the same cops turned us away.”

Gauteng police spokesman Captain Kabelo Marumo advised the men to visit the station commander at Rabie Ridge to lay a formal grievance so that an investigation can be done into their claims.

He added that the registration number provided by the men, is not part of the SAPS fleet.

Shocking Woman turns into a Snake during Sex

A troubled man is hunting for double cleansing after his wife of three years confessed that they never had sex together as during the night she left him sleeping with a snake.

Luthando Makhwelo allegedly made the revelations before her husband Pilot Madziridzo when he ordered her to join his church.







It is reported that Madziridzo and Makhwelo had been married for three years and were not blessed with a child. Madziridzo, troubled by their childless marriage, reportedly ordered his wife to join his church after the prophets had told him that his wife needed deliverance.

“I go to a certain Zion church and at first I was reluctant of this child issue as my wife had made me believe that we are not in a hurry of having children. During Easter, I attended a church conference in South Africa and prophets told me to take my wife to church as she needed deliverance and was the one responsible for our childless marriage,” said Madziridzo.

He revealed that when he returned home, he told his wife about the prophecy and suggested that she joins his church, but she refused. The couple reportedly stopped talking to each other for days and one night the woman asked her husband to promise that he would not divorce her, no matter what she told him.

“I was eager top hear what she wanted to tell me and therefore I promised never to dump her no matter what. She then told me that she knows her problem as she was not a real woman. She told me that we have never has sex together as at night she changes into a snake and does not really know what her grandmother did to her before she died,” said the visibly shocked Madziridzo.

The man added that his wife failed to explain what really transpires at night as she broke down and confessed that she had gone against her grandmother’s instructions.

“It seems when her grandmother died, she told her the family secrets and that she was not supposed to get married as she was the family’s ancestral spirit (idlozi). I was shocked and did not even want to spend another night under the same roof with her so I just moved out to my brother’s place. On the following day i returned in the company of my brother, but she refused to discuss the issue and that is how our marriage ended,” he said.

Makhwelo reportedly took all the property and moved out of the house they were renting in Pumula South. When reached for comment, the woman did not deny the allegations.

“He rushed to the newspapers. It is unfortunate that I cannot tell you where I am staying or comment on what you are asking as that is intruding into my privacy,” she said.

Pregnant woman slammed into ground by police, caught on camera


Officers slammed a pregnant woman to the ground and another woman is shoved in a shocking video now under investigation by the NYPD.

The video is hard to watch.

It shows what happened during an arrest in Brooklyn over the weekend.

A witness posted it on Facebook and it’s gotten the attention of the police department’s Internal Affairs Division.

Residents she’s nearly six months pregnant.

The cell phone video starts with a young man sitting on the street in handcuffs surrounded by police.

His pregnant mother tries to intervene, “Don’t resist! Don’t resist. Throw your hands up.”

The woman who is nearly six months pregnant struggles with police, and as they tried to restrain her Saturday morning she hit the ground onto her stomach.

“Oh my God she’s pregnant,” you hear in the video.

A family friend also tried to step in, and an officer shoved her away.

“What we see is a woman who’s trying to protect her son, who is being stopped and frisked by police, and she became a victim. Slammed onto the floor,” said Dennis Flores, of El Grito de Sunset Park. “Her belly is now with black and blue bruises. She’s bleeding and she’s having complications.”

“It’s sad that my reaction is that I’m not shocked. It isn’t new in this neighborhood. But it’s still enraging, it’s saddening,” said Jason DeLaguila, a community organizer.

The local police watch group that released the video says the 17-year-old suspect was arrested last year for robbery.

This video comes less than a week after an officer from the same precinct was suspended for kicking a street vender.

Councilman Carlos Menchaca says he’s disappointed with the 72nd Precinct.

“This is the second video in a week. It’s disgusting. This needs to stop. I spoke with the chief and the captain. We have a systemic problem with this precinct. We need to solve it now,” Menchaca said.

The NYPD told Eyewitness News the Internal Affairs Bureau is investigating both cases.

The pregnant woman is expected to talk Wednesday.

TB Joshua Latest..

Investigative journalist and author Jacques Pauw has described the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and “Prophet” TB Joshua as one of Africa’s most influential men, who tried to bribe him during an interview.

A guesthouse under construction at the Lagos headquarters of the SCOAN collapsed on Friday.

Three extra storeys were being added to the existing two of a guest house of the church compound, where visitors from abroad flock to stay.

In a shock announcement on Tuesday night, President Jacob Zuma disclosed that 67 South Africans had died in the tragedy.

The National Emergency Management Agency in Nigeria says the death toll stands at 80, while 131 survivors have been pulled from the rubble.

There are mounting calls for someone to be held responsible for the deaths and all eyes are now on Joshua.

But the charismatic preacher insists the collapse was the result of a planned attack on him.

Pauw, author of Profit of Doom, an expose on Joshua’s church, says the preacher once tried to bribe his entire television crew.

He said he accompanied the late Blue Bulls lock Wium Basson to Lagos for healing. Basson died in April 2001 aged 25.

“Basson was dying of liver cancer and while he was there, the prophet refused to pray for him. He obviously realised that it was going to be bad publicity for him and then he handed an envelope full of $100 notes to me and the sound person. We told him we couldn’t accept it and he said it was a gift from God.”

Pauw said this is an indication of how Joshua operates.

He said Joshua wasn’t very forthcoming in the interview.

“It was difficult to find out where he comes from, how much money he has and how much power he wields. The church is also very suspicious because after we broadcast the documentary, there was a campaign against us in Nigeria. On their website, we were described as the disciples of the devil.”

Pauw said he and his crew were incarcerated in his church for almost three weeks and not allowed to leave the compound.

“You aren’t allowed to leave without the group you came with. These groups normally go for a week. You can’t leave to go to a restaurant and the gates are locked.”

Pauw described Joshua as a “soft spoken and very charismatic person”.

Joshua founded the church in the late 1980s with only eight members and at the moment he has between 15,000 to 20,000 people who attend his sermons every Sunday in Lagos.

The church also has branches in South Africa, Greece, Ghana and the United Kingdom.

Africa Report magazine recently named Joshua as one of the 50 most influential people in Africa.

“His net worth is estimated at around R170 million. The God business has been very good for him.”

Joshua also owns a TV network, Emmanuel TV, through which his Sunday sermons are broadcast live to millions of viewers around the world.
Several African leaders have traveled to Nigeria to meet with spiritual “healer” Joshua, including former Malawian President Joyce Banda and Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema.

20 days in prison for saying to his wife: ‘Uri hure remukadzi’

A polygamous man, who could not stomach the rumour that one of his wives was having an adulterous affair with another man, got himself into trouble after saying he had married a ‘prostitute’.

Langton Madamombe (45) of Brompton Mine, Kadoma, on Wednesday appeared before magistrate Takudzwa Gwazemba for contravening Section 182 of the Criminal Code Chapter 9: 23, “contempt of court” for breaching a protection order issued against him in February this year.

Accused was convicted on his own plea of guilt and fined $80 or alternatively spend 20 days in jail.

Allegations against Madamombe were that on September 14 this year and at Brompton Mine, the accused unlawfully and intentionally failed to comply with a provision of a protection order granted against him in favour of his second wife Grace Ndhlovu (35) by insulting her knowing or realising that he was in breach of the court order granted at Kadoma Civil Court sometime in February 2014.

In mitigation, the accused told the court that he dearly loved his second wife with whom he has one child. Madamombe said he vented his anger in public by calling her a “prostitute” after he got wind that she had been spotted by a fellow compound dweller coming out of another man’s house.

Accused said he was suspicious Ndhlovu was having a sexual relationship with the unidentified man, hence the furore between the couple. Ndhlovu denied she was having an affair, but alleged her hubby was “over-protective and abusive”.

The presiding magistrate chastised the accused advising him to employ dignified means to resolve disputes with his wife rather than to impair her reputation by name-calling her in public.
Wayne Togara prosecuted.

Woman (65) arrested for having sex with grandson (12)

A ZIMBABWEAN woman aged 65 has appeared in court charged with aggravated indecent sexual assault after she was allegedly caught bedding her 12-year-old grandson.

According to a State outline, during dusk on August 7, the woman from Mabika village under Chief Mapiravana, Mberengwa persuaded her grandson to scratch her back while in her bedroom where she allegedly had a plan to “rape” the juvenile to quench her sex appetite.

When the grandson entered the hut, the woman locked the door and undressed herself before asking the boy to scratch her back.

The juvenile obliged, but during the process the woman allegedly undressed her grandson saying she wanted to verify if he was circumcised like all the Lemba boys.

The woman allegedly became intimate with the boy once.

She reportedly threatened to disown him if he told anyone about the abuse.

However, the boy told a neighbour about the abuse, leading to the woman’s arrest.

The woman, who was the boy’s guardian following the death of his parents, was remanded out of custody to August 18 for trial – Southern Eye/Zimdiaspora.