dating tips

dating tips

5 Tips for Guys In Dating

1. Grow up and stop looking at porn. It will ruin you, your relationship, and your capacity for intimacy in the future.

2. Don’t play games. Make your intentions known early. There should be no guessing from the girl on whether or not you like her. If you are pursuing her, texting her, flirting with her, etc then you are communicating to her that you want a relationship. If you are doing those things and don’t want a relationship, refer back to number 1.

3. Include her friends. Don’t pull her away from her life, but instead get involved in her life.

4. Simply listening goes a lot farther than offering a solution.

5. Treat her as someone’s future wife. She isn’t yours, she’s God’s.


5 Tips for Girls in Dating

1. Be secure enough in how much God loves you or you will become a slave to the guy’s decisions, emotions, and actions. If you put your identity in your boyfriend, in hopes that he will satisfy you, save you, and fulfill you, then when you break up it will feel like you are losing your god not your boyfriend.

2. Find out the guy’s gifts, talents, and passions and pursue them with him. Guys like shared time more than shared conversation sometimes. Just doing an activity he loves together means the world. (Disclaimer: this does not mean you have to play COD with him all the time. In fact if he plays it too much, take a sledgehammer to the Xbox while he’s sleeping :) )

3. Break up with him if he doesn’t follow number 1 above. Seriously. It never ends well. A guy is always on his best behavior in dating so if you see red flags in dating, they only get worse in marriage. It’s better to be not married and lonely, then married, lonely, and miserable.

4. Pray for him, let him lead, and encourage him through texts, notes, gifts, etc. (Pinterest FTW).

5. Have a few older godlier men in your dating life (your pastor, father, etc). If you two date in isolation it won’t go well. Guys listen to guys, so get guys in your life that can speak into his life and keep him accountable.

3 Ways To Ruin A Date

3 Ways To Sabotage A Date

Many women seem to think that just because nothing obvious was bad about a date, that a man should be interested and attracted to her and want to go out again… or else something was wrong with him.

Maybe they think that a few more “okay” dates would cause him to open his eyes and heart and see the light. This is the kind of thinking that gets women into a lot of trouble and leaves them wondering why they’re single.

Here’s what I mean. See if you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios:

Problem 1: Playing It Safe

Have you ever been so intent on getting a man to like you that you tried to act cool and watched every word you said? This includes following his lead all the time, not saying anything about how you think or feel that you think will upset him, and making sure that you never say anything that could be too controversial or confrontational.

Playing it safe like this doesn’t do anything to spark a man’s interest or attention. It makes him lose interest and therefore he won’t feel inspired to ask you out again.

Problem 2: Acting “Formal”

This is death when it comes to interest and attraction. A man either feels like he’s on a job interview and doesn’t become emotionally engaged with you… or he’s plain bored with you and will have a hard time finding anything personally interesting about you.

A man doesn’t fall for a “good” woman, and he doesn’t want to be with her because she’s polite and formal. A man falls for a woman who makes him FEEL good and who is exciting and fun to be around – even if she is a little “bad.”

Problem 3: Being Boring

You are being boring when you talk about boring things. At the top of the list are the things like jobs, family, weather, etc.

3 Ways To Sabotage A Date

These things don’t really help two people get to know one another. Sure, they’re nice… but they don’t “cost” much to reveal, as we’d tell any stranger about these things if they asked in a nice way.

More importantly, they don’t create any kind of emotional experience or connection when you talk about them.

In fact, they put a man back into the space of the mundane aspects of his everyday life… and he’ll bring those “mundane” feelings to the table with him when you talk about all these things.

And guess what happens then?

He associates these boring mundane everyday feelings with you. And voila… you are another boring date with nothing special or interesting going on.

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Operation Gadzirisai Hunhu Catching Zimbabwean Prostitutes


Yet another prostitute has been caught selling thighs! A married mother of 5 was nabbed by the police on prostitution allegations after she was caught at night, half naked.

Fatima Chambuka, 47, of Falcon court (Harare-avenues) denied the allegations of soliciting for purposes of prostitution when she appeared before magistrate Blessing Murisvi, saying she had gone to buy some airtime when she was nabbed.

Operation Gadzirisai Hunhu

Operation Gadzirisai Hunhu

Allegations are that on September 10 at the corner of L. Takawira & Chinamano Ave, Fatima was nabbed around 10pm by police officers. She pulled up her skirt on seeing an oncoming car not knowing that they were police officers. Fatima further accused the police of demanding a bribe from her.

State witness Virginia Mpofu, a police officer insisted that they arrested Fatima half naked. “We arrested you half naked. You said you were waiting for your brother but we asked you to call your brother so that we can confirm your position but you refused.” She said.

Chambuka told the court that she is legally married and a mother of five “I am a legally married woman and mother of five. You will pay me for the damages you are causing me by continually nailing me for an offence I did not commit?” She said she could not strip at the gate as there are always people present. “I cannot be a stripper at this age and cannot be naked at my gate before caretakers and security guards, “she said. She added that she had gone to buy airtime when she was arrested.

I was at my house and I had missed a call on my phone. I decided to go look for airtime from the caretaker but he did not have so I decided to find another vendor. However, the police insisted that Fatima Chambuka was arrested as she was lifting her skirt at a dark corner and there was no one in the vicinity.

I left my husband for neighbour now I regret


Having an affair

I had been married for three years when I had a fling with my neighbour last year. My husband worked long hours and never showed me any affection. When my neighbour moved in we hit it off immediately and had lots of things in common.

He’s a carpenter and often popped round to do jobs and I ended up confiding in him about how unhappy I was with my husband, who was devastated.

I moved in with my neighbour in a different town a couple of miles away from where I lived with my husband. But soon we started arguing. He seemed so much fun compared to my husband, who worked hard and didn’t go out much. And yet my new boyfriend is the opposite – he goes out all the time and never has any regular work. I can see now that I’ve made a huge mistake.

I’d do anything to get my husband back and really regret leaving him. I emailed him recently and arranged to meet for lunch. I told him how I felt he said I’d embarrassed and hurt him too much to ever patch things up. I guess there is no turning back.

(c) The Mirror

16 year old south african’s first sexual encounter

I was on a trip with my family. We rented a van with a tent on the top. We stayed in a quite big city for a few days. On the first evening I went out of the van and kukwiranastraight to a supermarket. There was a boy who was speaking Italian on the phone, so I was interested. He turned out to be an exchange student staying in South Africa for seven months. He asked me out for the next night.

To persuade my parents to let me go was not that easy but finally I made it. We went to a cute Irish pub and drank Guinness there. We talked about life, school, differences between Europe and South Africa, and so on. In the middle of the night, we decided to dance to the live band. Somehow — we were both a little bit drunk — we started kissing and then went out into the freezing-cold night together. But I couldn’t take him to our van, so we didn’t go further.

Two nights later we met again, this time in a club. There was good music and we started kissing soon. We both knew that this would lead us somewhere but at this time we didn’t know where. We met another girl who was also an exchange student in the city and they both knew each other quite well. She told us that she was living in a hotel; her host family didn’t like it when she came home late, so she always booked a room when she went out. The boy and I decided to go with her because the club was almost empty.

As soon as we lay down, we pulled off our clothes. It happened like it was the most normal thing in the world, and this night it was, for us. He was careful with me and he kept asking me if I felt good. I didn’t care about anything else that night.

The next day I met with many of the exchange students, twelve people from all over the world. We just sat in a nice coffeeshop and talked. Suprisingly, everybody knew about the last night. Later some girls talked to me in privacy. They wanted to warn me — they said the boy just played with every girl and almost every girl here slept with him. I was disappointed, so I just said I didn’t care.

Later I found out that he really was a douchebag. But I didn’t have time to care: the next morning, my family and I left. We’re still writing over MSN and he’s back in Italy now. He keeps saying to me that I am that special girl who changed his life and that he is serious. I still don’t believe him but now he wants to visit me. I will see where this will lead us.

5 things that are indicators of your partner cheating on you


That Cheating Partner

1. she is withdrawn and cold
2. she avoids saying ‘i love you’ or looking into your eyes
3. she is too busy to meet with you
4. she doesnt pick up her calls when the phone rings and she’s around you
5. she doesnt want to make love with you like she used to


Sex In Zimbabwe

The Cheater

A Woman from Mbare, Perseverance Mabota’s marriage ended abruptly after her affair with a neighbour came to light 12 Sept 2013.  Perseverance Mabota, 22, was forced to heave her one yr marriage with a Caleb Neganje, 26, after receiving a cellphone handset (a gift) from her lover, also married.

Perseverance could not state where she got the Nokia Asha, leading to the exposure.  Caleb yesterday said he wished he had married a witch rather than the cheating whore of a wife then threw Perseverance’s clothes at her neighbour’s Cosmas Madure!

The rumor is that Cosmas reportedly bought the Nokia Asha that had passed through many hands in the neighbourhood leading to the discovery of the illicit affair. Romantic messages were found leaving Perseverance with no excuse and she was forced to pack her belongings during the day as residents called her names..”H%re” “You B*t*h!!”


It is understood that Caleb took Perseverance’s phone and enquired from his friends about how to access information leading to the discovery of the ilicit affair. “Unoona Wangu Calebtook his wife’s phone to his friends for help in accessing messages and this is where he was told that the phone had passed through their hands.”


“Mai Keisha vaingobuda mumba mavo vpoindapanext door and Cosmas used his friends in buying Caleb beer so that he would arrive home late.” Caleb confirmed the incident saying he is still to believe why Perseverance was cheating on him. They have a 7 month old baby. Hapana chihure chiopfuur pakadaro – says Caleb.


Meantime, Perseverance shot back and blamed Caleb for co-habiting with her without paying lobola before denying the allegations. He has paid nothing to my parents. No lobola. I will not go back to him coz he threw me out with my belongings accused me of cheating with my neighbour. Cosmas is our neighbour I never cheated with him. She goes on to say Caleb is a drug dealer and has been convicted many times but I never unearthed his drug dealings in front of our neighbours. These are false allegations, says Perseverance.